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Accelerates EHR Point
of Care Communications
See How PointClickCare Turbo-Charges Clinical Workflows
with TigerConnect.
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Powers Engagement
See How Whisper® Engages Millions of Customers a Day
Using TigerConnect.
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Improves Productivity
See How Carvajal Pharmacy Fills Prescriptions
50% Faster with TigerConnect.

Secure, Encrypted Content


TigerConnect provides the only secure messaging platform that encrypts every aspect of your communications, including photo and file attachments.

Direct One-to-One Communication


Enable direct one- to-one communication between your system and your users, or among your users.

Time-Controlled Messages


Delete your messages as they are read, or give them a lifespan of up to 30 days. Once your selected time period elapses, your messages are no longer available.

Cross Platform Communication


TigerConnect works with all major messaging and email platforms including Twillio, SendGrid, and Mailgun.

Know Your Message Status


Track when messages were sent, delivered, and read so you never have to wonder if a message has been opened or read.

Collaboration Amplified


Set up group conversations and distribution lists to foster sharing and improve collaboration.