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Whisper Boosts In-App Engagement

Written by Tabitha Neatherlin

Whisper Integrates Private Messaging With TigerConnect

Founded in May 2012, Whisper immediately saw the need for an anonymous application for users to simply connect and share information with pictures or words. After only 4 months of launch, their user base grew to 100,000 and 5 star reviews streamed through the app store for both their iOS and Android applications. Yet, Whisper discovered that they needed a way to further engage their users, both new and existing.

With a messaging solution, Whisper discovered the “killer hook” to keep users coming back every day. Integrating secure messaging could encourage connections between users and allow communication on a more personal level.

Whisper Answers Company Needs With Private Messaging

With this idea in mind, Whisper needed to find an app that would ensure anonymous communication yet remains simple and intuitive to use. Fortunately, Whisper discovered TigerConnect, allowing them to integrate in-app messaging and fulfill these requirements:

  • SDK for both iOS and Android
  • Be Market Ready
  • Require Minimal Development Resources to Implement
  • Be Simple and Easy to Use

Whisper Obtains Immediate Results With Private Messaging

Once integrated, TigerConnect would allow users to anonymously communicate and would ultimately ignite further growth and popularity of their application. With Secure Messaging API, Whisper resolved challenges such as:

  • Client Growth
  • User Engagement
  • Customer Retention

Once integrated, TigerConnect would allow users to anonymously communicate and would ultimately ignite further growth and popularity of their application. With private messaging, Whisper resolved improved their social app with:

  • Accelerated User Adoption
  • Increased Engagement
  • Improved User Retention

The use of secure messaging through TigerConnect validated the need for in-app messaging to solve any growth or engagement challenges. Even with just a 6-month pilot, TigerConnect increased Whisper messaging from zero to eighty million messages a month and continues to rise at an exponential rate. Whisper realized that anonymous communication is what drives users to their app and continues to bring them back.

Secure Messaging API has allowed them to effortlessly integrate a popular feature into their application and instantly see results. The integration of TigerConnect for in-app communication gave Whisper immediately quantifiable results; with improvements in client base, user engagement and customer retention:

  • Accelerating growth in client base with 20X increase in downloads

  • Increased user engagement with page views increasing from 250 million more than 2.5 billion a month. The time in app had a 140% increase with secure messaging, the average user opens the app 6 times a day.

  • Improved customer retention with a 50% increase in retention to greater than 90% in just 3 months.

Whisper Evolves Platform With TigerConnect’s Private Messaging

The addition of TigerConnect turbo-charged the Whisper business model. The integration of in-app messaging helps drive a fast-growing, highly engaged user base that gave the company the ability to evolve their platform. Messaging has become a #1 form of communication for their target audience (18-24 year olds) and has become a critical factor to Whisper’s success.

Whether you are currently looking for in-app messaging or just need a way to further engage your client base, using TigerConnect can increase application usage and improve engagement with your existing users. As Whisper has proven, TigerConnect has allowed them to effortlessly integrate secure messaging into their application and instantly see results.

Tabitha Neatherlin

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