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TigerConnect solutions make healthcare communication easy by putting information, data, and alerts in the hands of care teams. Mobile, reliable, and secure.

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Empower Your Teams with

Role-Based Collaboration and Communication Software


Instant patient data for physicians

Save costly physician time with faster consult requests and instant access to staff and EHR data.


A solution built for the way nurses work

Reduce alarm fatigue and staff turnover with modern collaboration and alarm management solutions.



Secure, integrated with sky-high uptime

Move to the cloud for a scalable, easy-to-manage, integrated, all-in-one solution.


Technology for true digital transformation

Bring your organization into the 21st century while containing costs and optimizing staff resources.

Coordinating Care Workflows at CommonSpirit

Optimizing your clinical workflows turns seconds saved into lives saved, faster patient throughput, reduced length of stays and more.

Improve healthcare team collaboration

Optimizing your clinical workflows turns seconds saved into lives saved, faster patient throughput, reduced length of stays and more.

Instant alerts from any system

Stay ahead of patient needs with instant, intelligently routed, patient-centric alerts and alarms. Receive and respond to nurse call requests, physiologic alarms, and critical results from anywhere on the hospital floor.

Reach patients faster with less effort

Text patients directly and quickly set up video calls. Use one app for both clinical and patient communication. Simplify the patient experience, and manage intake with a virtual welcome lobby and automated appointments.


Automate your physician on-call scheduling

Trade spreadsheets for a true, purpose-built, on-call scheduling system. Build a year of schedules in under a minute. Distribute call assignments fairly, swap shifts directly, and automatically block appointments for time off.

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“TigerConnect is the fabric that ties all our communication together; it’s helping us collaborate efficiently and make informed decisions.”

Jonathan Slotkin, M.D.

Associate Chief Medical Informatics Officer

Named Leader in HIPPA Compliance by G2

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