API for Secure Text Messaging

Introducing TigerConnect´s API for Secure Text Messaging

TigerConnect is a new API for secure text messaging that enables software developers to build and integrate secure messaging capabilities into any application. Released by TigerText – one of the world´s leading providers of secure text messaging solutions – TigerConnect is a simple, reliable and scalable SDK that allows developers to leverage TigerText´s own SDK and use existing demo projects to reduce development time.

With TigerConnect, developers can build on the existing platform so that end-users can send secure text messages, voice and video messages – and share files securely – while enterprises maintain full control over the user experience and customer interface. No longer do organizations have to dedicate significant resources to build out a full stack, secure text messaging infrastructure from scratch. With TigerConnect, the API for secure text messaging does half the job for you!

Keeping Communications Secure with TigerConnect

TigerConnect’s API is an ideal tool to develop secure text messaging solutions in highly regulated industries such as financial services and legal services, and in the healthcare industry. Other industries can also benefit from TigerConnect´s API for secure text messaging to protect confidential communications and to foster collaborations.

Financial Services
Developers working for organizations in the financial services industry can use TigerConnect´s API for secure text messaging to integrate SOX-compliant text messaging into an existing trading app, or to build a custom-branded secure text messaging app for banking clients that can inform them of important upcoming financial events.

Legal Services
In the legal services industry, developers can create a secure communication channel for attorneys and clients without having to build the secure text messaging solution from scratch. Such a channel could be used for securely sharing evidence or communicating confidential legal documents. A reporting facility can be used to confirm messages are sent, received or read.

TigerText is already one of the most popular secure text messaging solutions for the healthcare industry. Implemented in more than 5,000 medical facilities, TigerText accelerates HIPAA-compliant communications, securely routes alerts via legacy systems such as on-call systems and can connect with EMRs to automatically escalate patient concerns and communicate lab results, images and more.

In an industry where the security of communications can be of the highest importance, software developers within the technology industry can take advantage of TigerConnect´s API for secure text messaging to develop apps that will enable secure collaboration around new products and features, and secure discussions about acquisitions and financing activities.

Research & Development
Similarly, organizations engaged in research and development can use TigerConnect´s API for secure text messaging to securely share IP such as new product designs or new markets. Design teams can collaborate safely to accelerate development, and conversations with foreign manufacturers or purchasers can be conducted securely.

Human Resources
One department that exists in every industry is human resources. Although HR does not immediately come to mind when considering the benefits of secure text messaging, organizations can use a secure channel of communication to negotiate salaries in private or alert candidates about new employment opportunities. Secure text messaging solutions can also be used for the secure storage of personal information such as social security numbers.

Use TigerConnect to Develop Secure Mobile Text Messaging Apps

In all organizations that implement BYOD policies, the challenge exists to protect sensitive data without obstructing the flow of communication. Consequently, it is essential that these organizations have systems in place to allow communications to be conducted securely across multiple devices and operating systems.

TigerConnect enables the integration of a secure mobile text messaging solution within any native app. Once integrated, the TigerConnect SDK and API for secure text messaging simplifies the development of mobile software by managing the connection to the TigerConnect platform, synchronizing the app with the backend infrastructure and ensuring end-to-end security of message sand attachments.

The secure messaging SDK for secure mobile text messaging apps comes with a quick start guide to accelerate the development of secure text messaging solutions. The quick start guides illustrate how to download, install and activate the SDK, before running through the processes of authenticating users, retrieving the most recent conversations and sending messages.

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TigerConnect has already been implemented to ensure the security of data and the privacy of conversations in the EMR platform PointClickCare, the scheduling service provider AMiON and the anonymous social and secret-sharing app Whisper.

If you are a software developer or a compliance manager in an industry that would benefit from enterprise-grade secure communications, you can connect with TigerConnect´s SDK and API for secure text messaging today – for free.