The TigerText Brand Ambassador Program

As a TigerText Brand Ambassador, you and other healthcare leaders will have the opportunity to capture your TigerText success story and have your voice heard on industry webinars, events, and publications.

As a Brand Ambassador, you will participate in the following activities for a 3 month period and earn 70 Rewards Points:

  • Partner with your CSM to capture your TigerText ROI Case Study
  • Serve as a reference for future TigerText customers
  • Have the opportunity to be featured on TigerText webinar or at an event
  • Provide us quotes directly from your end users

*In addition to serving as a Brand Ambassador, rewards points can be earned from activities such as speaking at an TigerText event, creating a video testimonial, or facility referral.The points you earn can be put toward valuable benefits and individual prizes. It’s our way of saying “thank you.”