It’s The End Of Summer And TigerConnect Is Just Heating Up

08.29.13 TigerText Company Updates

With summer coming to a close and 6 months since TigerText launched its developer platform, TigerConnect, we thought it was a good opportunity to reflect on TigerConnect’s success, what’s coming in the future, and how leveraging our APIs can be valuable for you.

Since announcing TigerConnect at the HIMSS 2013 Conference in New Orleans, TigerConnect is now being used by EMRs, Answering Services, Labs and PAC systems to securely and quickly communicate from their respective systems directly to end users smartphones. And the party is just getting started.

Unless you have been hiding under a rock this summer, the explosive growth of a few trends is helping TigerConnect be relevant to just
about everyone:

  • Explosion in mobile messaging: Messaging is now the #1 form of communication, with the mobile messaging market growing to
    $200 billion +.
  • Privacy Requirements: Whether due to regulations or just smart business needs, we have a heightened desire for privacy and to securely communicate.
  • Fast, Easy, Secure: Whether you are in the healthcare space, consumer space or anywhere in between, most businesses are looking for a way to quickly, easily and securely connect and communicate with their end-users.

So what does this mean for you? By leveraging TigerConnect’s restful APIs, you can now send a secure message to anyone, anywhere at anytime. In other words, you can leverage the power and utility of text messaging with the benefit of being able to share any information securely, each message using AES 256-bit encryption and the selected limited lifespan.

TigerConnect’s benefits are just the beginning. Look for TigerConnect as we make our sdks available to app developers. You will be able to turbo charge in-app engagement by adding in-app chat. Check out our case study with Whisper, an anonymous social application, to learn how in-app messaging met their business needs and boosted engagement by 140%

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