Introducing TigerConnect

07.23.15 TigerText Company Updates

Organizations all across the board, from startups to healthcare organizations to financial institutions, have been seeking a way to quickly add robust messaging capabilities to their products. But these organizations often find that building your own message framework requires thousands of hours of developer time, rigorous testing, and ongoing maintenance.

Enter TigerConnect, the fastest, most secure way to build messaging infrastructure into a website, app, or software. By providing a platform for secure text, voice, and video messages, TigerConnect can significantly reduce your time-to-launch while preserving your control over your interface and customer experience. Its infrastructure has been tested in highly sensitive environments that require robust performance and security standards, and customers like PointClickCare, AMiON, and Whisper are already using it to ensure that their users keep their private communications private.

Messaging is a key feature in almost all web and mobile properties today, and when a security breach occurs, functionality breaks, or features malfunction, it can be a company ending event. Why take that risk?

We created TigerConnect so that companies don’t have to worry about that risk or subject their developers to the hassle of building a secure messaging platform from scratch. Head over to our developer portal to find out more, and watch this space for more tips, tricks and critical information on secure communications from the developer perspective.