Business Texting Software

Software for Secure Business Messaging

Business texting software has had to evolve quickly in order to match the speed at which personal mobile devices are increasingly being used to communicate in the workplace. Legislation is also being regularly updated to protect confidential information and the privacy of clients, and software for secure business messaging has to be sufficiently versatile to account for new regulations.

It is essential therefore that businesses and organizations choose the most appropriate text messaging solution to ensure compliance with industry privacy and security rules and, in order to assist with this process, we have produced a white paper – “The Top 10 Considerations when Selecting a Secure Text Messaging Solution”. Our while paper provides valuable advice on what physical and functional requirements you should expect in a business text messaging software package, and – possibly more importantly – how to evaluate the vendor of business texting software.

The Top 10 Considerations when Selecting a Secure Text Messaging Solution

Although focusing on the healthcare and health insurance industries, the topics covered in our white paper are relevant for most industries which are subject to privacy and security rules. The document elaborates on what technical specifications business texting software should have and the functions that should be included to provide ease-of-use for the end-user and enable the solution to be controlled by system administrators.

The section on evaluating vendors of software for secure business messaging provides a selection of questions businesses and organizations should be asking before settling on a specific business text messaging software solution. It suggests that businesses and organizations should not only consider what their current requirements are, but what they may be in the future if work practices and new regulations continue to evolve.

The Benefits of Business Texting Software

Our case studies have shown how the implementation of business texting software can increase efficiency in workplace environments and reduce costs. Remaining in a healthcare theme, nurse-doctor communications are improved by business texting software, lab results can be delivered quicker by business text messaging software and doctors can receive PHI on the go with software for secure business messaging.

Additional research conducted into patient discharges from medical facilities by the Ponemon Institute found that patient wait times are reduced by half with business texting software; with the equivalent saving on staff costs averaging $557,253 each year – for each medical facility!

The TigerText Business Text Messaging Software Solution

The TigerText business text messaging software solution is not actually software at all, but an application which connects end-users to encrypted data on a secure server. The TigerText application for enterprise fulfills all the technical and functional criteria required by HIPAA, SOX, GLBA etc and – as it is an application rather than business text messaging software – does not require complicated installation or comprehensive training before it can be used.

Administrative controls ensure that access to secure data is monitored and managed – both at rest and in transit – and the business texting “software” also has safeguards in place to recall messages and delete confidential information transmitted to a personal mobile device which is subsequently lost, stolen, or otherwise disposed of. The TigerText app for enterprise is sufficiently versatile to integrate with existing corporate directories and can be easily modified to account for changing work practices and updated privacy and security regulations.