TigerText and DSRIP

What is DSRIP?

The Delivery System Reform Incentive Payments Program, or DSRIP, is a new approach to Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement. DSRIP moves toward a pay-for-performance model instead of the current model for supplemental reimbursement per procedure. Developed by The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), the DSRIP program aims to reduce avoidable hospital use by 25 percent.

DSRIP programs restructure a portion of CMS payments so they are based on achieving specific health improvement goals. These new metrics for funding are built from what CMS describes as the “Triple Aim” of the DSRIP initiative for (1) improved individual access to care, quality of care, and health outcomes, (2) better approaches to Population Health and (3) innovations and process improvements for reducing costs.

How does it work?

Although the federal government funds DSRIP programs, each participating state administers their own version. Currently, the following five states have launched a DSRIP initiative: New YorkNew JerseyKansasTexas, and California. Eligible healthcare providers in these states who are interested in more information should visit the DSRIP page on their state’s board of health website.

How can TigerText help?

TigerText can be a valuable part of any DSRIP program. As the leading solution for HIPAA-compliant messaging, TigerText improves and accelerates communication and workflow for healthcare providers. Better communication helps care teams and their partners achieve milestones for cost reduction and improvements in patient care that match key DSRIP objectives. By implementing TigerText, organizations achieve many different benefits:

  • Simpler care coordination between providers More
  • Reduced readmission rates More
  • Reduced patient bed days More
  • An overall new, improved way for care teams to communicate More

Easily deploy across facilities or organizations

For DSRIP programs in New York and Texas where many different organizations partner to coordinate toward major population health objectives, TigerText can be instrumental in helping organizations cross-communicate. The TigerText platform is quick to deploy to a large team and it is easy to use on an ongoing basis.

TigerText even includes a feature to help users activate each other, crowd-sourcing the deployment process. TigerText also supports external messaging, allowing users to communicate securely with colleagues and contacts who do not yet have the app. As the most widely adopted secure messaging solution in healthcare today, TigerText is the best tool for secure HIPAA-compliant communication for teams of any size, even teams that span across organizations.