Enterprise Text Archiving

Text Archiving for the Enterprise

Enterprise text archiving is an important consideration for organizations intending to implement a secure messaging solution in order to comply with industry privacy and security standards. Being able to archive and retrieve messages in an unwriteable, inerasable format – so that no message tampering is possible – is essential in order to comply with FINRA, SOX, HIPAA and many other statutory regulations.

Text archiving for the enterprise can represent a considerable issue to a large organization – particularly when users are creating and collaborating on information from their own personal mobile devices – and for this reason many organizations have implemented secure messaging solutions in order to monitor, archive and retrieve confidential client data.

Compliant Text Archiving for the Enterprise

In order for text archiving for the enterprise to be compliant with regulatory standards, text messages containing confidential information should be time and date stamped, tracked and logged, and maintained on a secure server. Secure messaging solutions fulfill these requirements as well as providing validated proof of delivery and information relating to when text messages have been opened, read and deleted.

Secure messaging solutions also allow system administrators to have a centralized point of access, through which they maintain control of the organization´s secure communications network with administrative tools that can remote wipe mobile devices, manage lifespans for messages residing on devices and control inactivity time-outs.

TigerText´s Enterprise Text Archiving Capabilities

TigerText´s enterprise text messaging solution has an optional archiving feature. It includes robust monitoring, archiving and retrieval capabilities that support not just the present–day compliance requirements for secure text messaging but future concerns as well. An extensible framework is layered on top of our rich core architecture to allow seamless integration with other solution providers for enhanced compliance capabilities.

A high degree of customization enables employees to collaborate within pre-determined security levels to enhance productivity. Simultaneously, their communications are properly tracked through the organization´s private network, archived and secured to meet regulatory guidelines. The communications are indexed for easy retrieval to complete the enterprise text archiving process.

Further Benefits of TigerText´s Secure Messaging Solution

TigerText´s secure messaging solution does much more than help fulfill the requirements for the enterprise text archiving compliance. Our text archiving for the enterprise solution is available for all customers in order to enable compliance with statutory requirements and enhance existing communication workflows.

Our case studies demonstrate many examples in which employee hours have been saved, client satisfaction has improved and multiple industry regulations have been adhered to. According to Gene Thomas – the Vice-president and Chief Information Officer at the Gulfport Memorial Hospital – TigerText has also saved his organization $100,000´s.

Evaluating the Right Enterprise Text Archiving Solution

Not all solutions for the enterprise allow for archiving, and consequently it is vital that organizations take time to research and evaluate the most appropriate solution for their requirements. We have produced a free e-book – “The Top Ten Questions you should Ask before Selecting a Secure Messaging Solution” – which should help with this process, and which it is recommended you download and read.

Our e-book covers issues such as:

  • Ensuring Compliance with Regulatory Requirements
  • Integration with Existing Applications
  • The Importance of being an Extensible Secure Messaging Platform
  • The Importance of the Secure Texting Application being Intuitive
  • Administrative Control and Enterprise Text Archiving
  • The Security of Confidential Information
  • How the Solution Replaces Outdated Communication Tools
  • How the Solution Fosters a Collaborative Environment
  • The Support provided by the Solution Vendor
  • How to Evaluate a Track-Record of Success

Although frequently referencing the healthcare industry and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), the information provided in “The Top Ten Questions you should Ask before Selecting a Secure Messaging Solution” can be equally applied to businesses that have to comply with FINRA regulations, legislation within the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) or other industry or security standards.

Speak with TigerText about Text Archiving for the Enterprise

If you would like to know more about TigerText´s solution for the enterprise text archiving, or text archiving for the enterprise in general, please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have – or to request a free demo of TigerText in action to see how TigerText simplifies and secures enterprise messaging.