Enterprise Text Messaging

What is Enterprise Text Messaging?

Enterprise text messaging is a way in which businesses and organizations improve their internal communications and interact with customers, partners and stakeholders. It acknowledges that many individuals now use messaging from a personal mobile device as a preferred way of communication and that work patterns are changing on account of this. It has been predicted that business text messaging will triple over the next few years as a new generation of entrepreneurs replace those more familiar with outdated communication technologies, and due to the fact that enterprise text messaging enables organizations to solve corporate and customer issues in real time.

The Introduction of Business Text Messaging Platforms

The growth of mobile communications in the workplace has prompted many businesses and organizations to adopt mobile device management platforms (MDMs) as a cost-effective solution for managing communications between employees and customers, for enabling collaboration across multiple operating systems and for accelerating business decision-making.

This freedom to turn any location into an office has transformed staff workflows and increased staff efficiency, but it has also created new security and privacy issues. Many organizations are required to comply with privacy and security regulations – such those enforced by FINRA, SOX and HIPAA – and the inherent insecurity of MDMs could result in a breach of security and privacy regulations in circumstances such as:

  • A message containing regulated data is sent to the wrong person
  • A mobile device to which sensitive information has been sent is lost or stolen
  • A private communication transmitted in a publicly open Wi-Fi area is intercepted
  • A staff member stores confidential information on their mobile device with criminal intent

The Secure Enterprise Messaging Solution

Secure enterprise messaging is a means of communicating sensitive data between colleagues, business associates and clients, which protects confidential information from being accessed by unauthorized users by encrypting messages. The recipient can then authenticate their identity before being able to read the message, engage in secure conversations and access protected information.

There are many advantages of secure enterprise messaging for individuals and organizations alike. Being able to use personal mobile devices for secure enterprise messaging reduces security concerns, ensures that messages are received by their intended recipients and eliminates the possibility of messages being intercepted in publicly open Wi-Fi areas and on open cell phone networks.

Furthermore, staff workflows are enhanced due to secure enterprise messaging platforms delivering read receipts once a message has been received and accessed, and system administrators are able to monitor the use of personal mobile devices through access reports and audit logs to ensure that the transmission of protected or confidential information is compliant with industry regulations.

Speak with TigerText about Secure Business Text Messaging Through an MDM

A marriage between a business text messaging platform and a secure enterprise messaging solution would seem to be the perfect answer for how to keep enterprise text messaging secure, and we have a produced a white paper “The Top 6 Benefits of Adding Secure Texting to your MDM” which explains how you can expand your existing mobile device data management with secure text messaging.

Our white paper elaborates on how to improve existing staff workflows with secure business text messaging and ensure compliance with industry privacy and security regulations by implementing a secure enterprise text messaging platform. The white paper also shows how you can develop and integrate a secure enterprise text messaging policy to complement existing organizational policies.

TigerText is the leading supplier of enterprise text messaging platforms, and already more than 5,000 facilities keep their communications safe and improve staff efficiency with a TigerText solution. If you would like to know more about secure business text messaging, you are invited to contact us and request a free demonstration of how the TigerText secure enterprise messaging platform can protect your organization´s communications, enhance your staff workflows and comply with your industry regulations.