Enterprise Texting ROI

How to Drive ROI from an Enterprise Texting Solution

A number of organizations have implemented secure text messaging mechanisms to simply comply with industry privacy and security requirements, but have discovered an increase in their enterprise texting ROI. This article takes a look at some of the primary cost-saving and efficiency enhancing benefits that have resulted from implementing secure text messaging solutions for enterprises, and elaborates on the features that have delivered substantial returns.

Many of the examples quoted in this article relate to the healthcare industry and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA); however the benefits of secure texting to enterprises could be equally applied to organizations in industries that have to comply with FINRA regulations or legislation within the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX).

Enterprise Texting ROI and the Risk of Non-Compliance

The risk of non-compliance with one of the aforementioned pieces of legislation could be described as a “speculative” cost. A breach of confidential client information is not guaranteed to happen simply because an organization has failed to implement an enterprise secure texting solution, but the penalties for violating industry privacy and security requirements are substantial:

Insurance companies are not enthusiastic about insuring organizations against data breaches if secure text messaging solutions for enterprises have not been implemented. When efforts have been made to protect the integrity of confidential client information, enterprise texting ROI is easily attainable.

Efficiency-Enhancing Benefits from Secure Texting for the Enterprise

Where organizations are more likely to see an apparent increase in enterprise texting ROI is in enhanced efficiency and performance. Secure text messaging solutions for enterprises have been shown to accelerate communications within an organization and, from our own case studies, we can demonstrate a series of occasions where secure texting results in a remarkable increase in productivity:

  • Medical staff at the Limestone Medical Center saved more than one hour each day checking emails, making calls and playing phone tag after implementing an enterprise secure texting solution at their Texas facility.
  • Nurses cumulatively saved 8-12 hours per day at the Salt Lake County Adult Detention Center – allowing them to see fifteen more patients per shift – when TigerText was implemented at the medical facility in order to comply with HIPAA security requirements and improve message accountability.
  • Voicemails, faxes and callbacks were eliminated at the Carvajal Pharmacy when TigerText was introduced to comply with both HIPAA and DEA regulations. Prescription approvals and requests were resolved with just one text message – enabling pharmacists to fill prescription orders in half the time.

To help elaborate on the RIO of enterprise secure texting – and highlight the financial benefits to enterprises of secure texting – one recent study conducted by the Ponemon Research Institute concluded that the average amount of time that could be saved by managing patient discharges with an enterprise secure texting solution was equivalent to $557,253 per year per medical facility.

Further Advantages of Secure Text Messaging Solutions for Enterprises

Accelerated communications is not the sole benefit from enterprise secure texting. Further advantages from secure text messaging solutions arise from the ability to share images and documents in real time and collaborate on projects securely.

An enterprise secure texting solution does not limit communications to one-on-one discussions, and multiple parties can join an ongoing thread and contribute to the discussion. As many successful organizations acknowledge, fostering collaboration can result in maximum impact for minimum input and enhance enterprise texting ROI.

Speak with TigerText about Secure Text Messaging Solutions for the Enterprise

TigerText is the leading provider of secure text messaging for the enterprise and our ongoing commitment to our clients means that new features are regularly being introduced via frequent updates. In addition to protecting the integrity of confidential client information, accelerating communications and fostering collaboration, our latest update includes the following features:

  • An improved message forwarding function allows collaborators to join existing discussion threads more easily.
  • A new “is typing” display advises collaborators within a discussion thread that a correspondent is writing a reply.
  • A multi-account inbox enables employees who are attached to more than one enterprise to manage their messages more simply.
  • Message notifications are sent to alternate channels of communication if a mobile device is not within range of a 3G or Wi-Fi signal.
  • A “Do Not Disturb” feature advises of alternative colleagues to contact when an employee is unavailable to accept messages.

The speed, compatibility, and convenience of TigerText´s enterprise secure texting solution make it the number one choice for organizations and businesses to ensure compliance with industry privacy and security requirements – while the benefits of secure texting to enterprises are well chronicled by our case studies.

If you would like to know more about TigerText´s enterprise secure texting solution and how to improve enterprise texting ROI, please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have about implementing a secure text messaging solution in your organization, or to request a free demo of TigerText in action to witness the benefits to enterprise of secure messaging in your specific environment.