Our organization has a no texting policy, why would we need TigerText?

Texting has become the number one form of communication so enforcing a policy can be near impossible. A secure messaging solution will not only help avoid fines from a HIPAA violation, it will protect your organization’s reputation by mitigating the risk for a secure breach and help increase workflow efficiencies.

How does TigerText support HIPAA compliance?

TigerText uses AES-256/SSL encryption and exercises a number of physical, technical, and administrative safeguards to protect all messages and data. In addition, we provide the enterprise a suite of security mechanisms to ensure the highest standards of patient confidentiality and overall data protection with regards to PHI and in accordance with HIPAA and other industry regulations. To learn more about our compliance and security standards click here

Can you send only text messages using Tiger Text?

TigerText is more than just secure “text messaging.” You can leverage the platform to send images, files, reports, voice messages and much more. For a full list of our features and functionality click here.

NOTE: To securely capture and send an image that contains sensitive information such as e-PHI, use the camera icon from within the TigerText app itself. Taking a picture with a separate camera app and attaching the image to TigerText may NOT be HIPAA-compliant and may leave sensitive information unsecured on your device.

How can I access messages from different facilities if I work for more than one practice or hospital?

We understand clinicians can work for several organizations and facilities and can have multiple TigerText accounts. Our multiple inbox capacity allows users to access messages from all of their health care organizations using one easy menu within the app.

Can I still receive messages if I have poor connectivity or am logged out of the app?

Yes. Connectivity issues inside buildings can hamper communication and adversely affect patient care. With TigerText Delivery Escalation, notifications that are not delivered within 5 minutes will be automatically resent via alternate SMS and email channels to ensure timely delivery.

How will we manage the users being added and removed from TigerText’s directory?

TigerText integrates with ActiveDirectory, LDAP, and eDirectory, so user management is a simple, automatic process.

Is there any hardware required to install and implement TigerText?

No.  One of the major areas that we excel in is the ability to successfully implement our customers. TigerText requires very little heavy lifting. Being a SaaS-based solution, there is no server to install and we can have you up and running the same day.

Do you have open APIs that will allow your messaging system to integrate with my EMR and other technology solutions we are using?

Yes. TigerText was conceived and architected with an open API to integrate into a wide variety of third party data systems. As health systems have spent millions of dollars on EMR, PACS, and Lab Results systems, TigerText is focused on helping to transmit the information housed in these healthcare systems to workers across the enterprise. Click here to learn more.


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