TigerText protects Attorney–Client privilege by letting lawyers, judicial experts, and clients initiate secure, encrypted, trackable conversations. This accelerates communication cycles and makes legal teams more responsive to late-breaking developments.

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  • Security: TigerText’s self-destructing messages use AES 256/SSL end-to-end encryption to provide the security and privacy required to protect client or case information.
  • Accountability: Archivable and searchable, TigerText provides the audit trails required to meet applicable regulatory compliance rules like those set by CJIS.
  • Productivity: TigerText saves time by allowing quick exchanges of information and documents, accelerating communication cycles and speeding task completion.

Ways to Use TigerText

  • Bill for time spent drafting and sending text messages to clients, with proof that messages were sent
    Verify senders and protect text-based communications between attorneys, paralegals, clients, law enforcement officers, and others related to cases
  • Send file attachments such as filings, evidence photos, videos, or PDFs for active cases
  • Collaborate securely with attorneys and expert witnesses outside of your firm

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