Secure text messaging with administrative controls. Ideal for organizations looking to meet compliance and avoid HIPAA-related violations.

  • Secure text messaging
  • Premium features:
    • Message Anyone
    • TigerPage ($)
  • Phone support
  • Productized integrations ($)


Integrated clinical communications platform for organizations looking to optimize workflows, maximize healthcare ROI, and improve patient and provider satisfaction.

Includes all TigerText features, plus:

  • Full Services Package:
    • Implementation & Training
    • Success Services (CSM)
    • Premium Support
  • Standard training + TigerLaunch
  • Scheduling Integration
  • All Productized Integrations
  • Workflow features: Roles, Click-to-Call
  • All Premium features
  • Full Reporting & Analytics


TigerFlow Enterprise description: Fully-integrated clinical communications solution that transforms your organization through deep EHR integration for world-class productivity and performance, and guaranteed ROI.

Includes all TigerFlow
features, plus:

  • Advanced EHR Integration
    • Access to patient data
  • Four (4) Custom Integrations
  • Onsite Training
  • Guaranteed ROI*

*See your TigerText representative for full details.