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TigerText integrates simply and seamlessly with your existing systems to accelerate productivity.

Creating a successful clinical communication platform requires integrating information from various sources into a single platform. TigerText puts critical care information at your fingertips, allowing you to access the right information at the right time – and right at the point of care. From EHR integration and lab results to paging systems and scheduling software, TigerText’s integration services ensure you have the information you need to deliver the care your patients deserve.

  • EHR Integration

    Admit, Discharge, and Transfer Alerts

    TigerText’s EHR integration services puts the patient at the center of the care experience by providing detailed alerts around admissions, discharges, transfers, and care team management. Interactive messages displayed in the message feed make it easy for staff to coordinate efforts at each phase of care and newly added members can see prior conversations around the patient from the moment they were admitted.

    • Receive alerts anytime a patient is admitted, discharged or transferred
    • Create or modify members of a patient’s care team at every stage
    • Ensure continuity of care using role-based shift assignments
  • Nurse Call Systems

    Intelligent Alerting for Accelerated Response Times

    Counter alarm fatigue by connecting TigerText to your Nurse Call system so alerts can be automated to a nurse’s smartphone or workstation on wheels. Going beyond a simple audible alert, detailed messages provide “double coverage”, helping nurses quickly identify the nature of a patient’s request and coordinate an appropriate response.

    • Re-route bedside alerts to appear as TigerText messages
    • Quickly identify the type of alert based on sender
    • Forward messages and shorten response times in code blue situations
  • Scheduling Systems

    Automated Roles Assignment

    Unsure who the On-Call Pulmonologist is at 3 AM? TigerFlow integrates with your scheduling system so staff can quickly look up and message colleagues by their role – no name required. Automated shift assignments log users in and out of roles automatically using data from your scheduling system. The handy calendar view lets staff see schedules up to four weeks out.

    • Ensure critical roles remain staffed
    • Quickly look up on-call staff and message or call them
    • See who’s on-duty up to four weeks in advance
  • Radiology & Lab Systems

    Mobile Access to Images & Results

    Deliver better care faster with real-time access to images and results. TigerFlow integrates with your existing RIS/PACS and LIS so MRIs, CTs, X-rays, critical lab results and more can be viewed instantly from a smartphone or PC. Alerts can be routed to individuals, specific roles, or groups to ensure the entire care team is kept in the loop.

    • Intelligently route MRIs, CTs, X-rays and labs in real-time
    • Reduce wait times for results and deliver more timely care
    • View detailed images and forward them to colleagues or retrieve them via a simple bot command
  • HL7 Interface Engines

    Mobile-Enable System Data

    As the industry standard for interoperability, HL7 integration is core to TigerText’s centralization of patient data. TigerText integrates with major HL7 vendors so that critical alerts, radiology images, lab results, and others can be routed in real time the moment a result is available in the EHR, accelerating response times and saving valuable steps.

    • Centralize data from a wide range of systems in a single, mobile-friendly interface
    • Deliver automated, real-time alerts
    • Create a central connection for all of your clinical systems to drive clinical data notifications
    • Leverage bot technology to call up patient information instantly
  • SAML Authentication / Single Sign-On

    Federated Credentials Across Applications

    With security always a top concern for IT, keeping logins behind the firewall can limit risks while reducing the toil for users of logging in repetitively to commonly used apps. TigerText supports existing SSO solutions, such as SAML, and Windows authentication, saving time and improving staff satisfaction.

    • Authenticate with a single secure login across applications
    • Access TigerText quickly with a badge swipe or at login
    • Protect patient data with secure, verified logins
  • Answering Services

    Efficient Routing of Rich Messages with Read Status

    Too often, call center agents send messages into the ether, awaiting a reply and not knowing if their message was received. With TigerText’s answering service integration, call center agents can share greater levels of detail about a request, including photos or documents, and see instantly when their message has been delivered and read, and if needed, reroute the message to another contact.

    • Replace your pagers with a 21st century messaging app
    • Agents can instantly identify active users and see when messages have been sent, delivered, and read
    • Request details can be shared in a single message – no back-and-forth call or voice messages
  • Paging System Alerts

    Cost-Effective Replacement for Outdated Technology

    TigerText can save you tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars with a simple integration that lets you redirect pager alerts to the TigerText app, transcribe voice messages, and include a voice recording as an attachment. Users can even keep their existing number.

    • Redirect pager messages to the richly
      featured TigerText app
    • Transcribe voice messages into TigerText
      messages for easy readability
    • See when a message has been read or if
      they need to redirect it
    • Enjoy vastly richer message detail and
      capabilities for both sender and receiver
    • Users can keep existing pager numbers
      – messages are copied to the TigerText app.
  • LDAP / Active Directory

    Manage Users From a Single Directory

    Use your existing LDAP or Active Directory system to onboard users and automatically manage their access on the TigerText app. Batch upload users directly into the TigerText’s admin console. Users added or removed are instantly added or removed from the TigerText directory saving IT time and effort.

    • Onboard users to TigerText with a direct
    • Expedite password management for
      users and administrators
    • Add or remove users from a single


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