SDK for Secure Instant Messaging Apps

How to Build Your Own Secure Texting Solution from Scratch

A secure texting solution is frequently the answer to privacy and security issues inherent in unsecure SMS messaging, but off-the-shelf packages do not always meet an organization´s requirements. An alternative to off-the-shelf packages is for organizations to develop, test and support their own secure texting solution; but this requires a significant investment of resources.

Now TigerText – one of the world´s foremost providers of secure texting solutions – has released its own SDK for secure instant messaging apps, TigerConnect. Software developers working in highly regulated industries such as healthcare, finance and insurance, no longer need to spend time and money building a secure messaging infrastructure from scratch.

Introducing our SDK for Secure Instant Messaging Apps

With TigerConnect, the SDK for secure instant messaging apps provides the framework, tools, documentation and code libraries needed to save on development time. Software developers can use the simple, reliable and scalable platform to build a custom app, or easily introduce secure texting capabilities into an existing app.

Building on the TigerConnect platform, organizations and developers can use the SDK for secure instant messaging apps to maintain control over the user interface and the endpoint experience while creating a secure texting solution to meet their unique demands and enabling users to send texts, video and voice messages – or to share files – with no risk of data leakage or security issues.

The Benefits of Secure Texting in Highly Regulated Industries

In highly regulated industries, the benefits of secure texting are clearly evident. In the healthcare industry, for example, secure texting enables healthcare organizations to remain compliant with privacy and security issues. Additionally, due to an 80% reduction in phone tag and emails, healthcare professionals have more time to attend to patients.

Beyond the healthcare industry, TigerConnect´s SDK for secure instant messaging apps can help developers build secure texting solutions for other highly regulated industries in which secure communications are critical. Organizations in the financial or insurance services, the legal profession and government agencies can ensure the integrity of their communications, while benefitting from streamlined workflows and enhanced productivity.

Examples of how companies in highly regulated industries can integrate TigerConnect into their own applications include:


  • Team communications can be accelerated and collaborations fostered with the implementation of a HIPAA-compliant secure texting solution
  • Communications with EMRs can be automated to dispatch lab results, x-rays, wound images and more to healthcare professionals
  • Alerts can be securely routed via legacy systems such as answering service software, doctor on-call systems and patient databases

Financial & Insurance Services

  • A SOX-compliant secure texting solution can be integrated into existing trading apps
  • Custom-branded secure instant messaging apps can be developed for banking customers
  • The SDK for secure instant messaging apps can be used to develop apps that inform customers of suspicious activity on their accounts or remind them of upcoming financial events

Legal Services

  • The SDK for secure instant messaging apps can be used to develop private channels of communication between attorneys and clients
  • A secure texting solution can be used to share evidence, photos, videos and legal documentation in compliance with CJIS regulations
  • Automatically generated delivery notifications and read receipts provide users with confirmation that their text messages have been sent, delivered, and read – securely

SDK for Secure iOS, Android and Windows Messaging Apps

In all highly regulated industries, organizations implementing BYOD policies have the challenge of protecting sensitive data without obstructing the flow of communication. Consequently it is vital that these organizations have safeguards in place to facilitate secure communications across multiple devices and operating systems.

TigerConnect allows the integration of a secure texting solution within any native app. Once integrated, the SDK for secure instant messaging apps simplifies software development by managing the connection to the TigerConnect platform, synchronizing the app with the backend infrastructure and ensuring the integrity of communications.

The SDK for secure iOS, Android and Windows messaging apps comes with quick start guides to accelerate the development of a secure texting solution. The guides illustrate how to download, install and activate the SDK for secure instant messaging apps before demonstrating the processes of authenticating users, retrieving recent conversations and sending messages.

Connect with TigerConnect´s SDK for Secure Instant Messaging Apps Today

TigerConnect is already being used to ensure privacy and security in the EMR platform PointClickCare, the scheduling service provider AMiON and the anonymous social and secret-sharing app Whisper. If you are a developer or a compliance manager in a highly regulated industry, you can connect with TigerConnect´s SDK for secure instant messaging apps for free.