SDK for Secure SMS Messaging

Add Secure SMS Messaging To Any App

With unsecure SMS messaging being a frequent cause of data breaches in highly regulated industries that implement BYOD policies, organizations are constantly on the lookout for systems that ensure the integrity of confidential information in the workplace.

Secure messaging solutions can resolve many of the issues associated with SMS communications, but the resources required to build, test and maintain a custom messaging framework can be substantial. The alternative of off-the-shelf solutions may not meet an organization´s requirements.

Now TigerText – one of the world´s leading providers of secure messaging solutions – has released its own secure messaging SDK, TigerConnect. Organizations no longer need to invest substantial resources to build a secure messaging solution from scratch, as developers can now add secure SMS messaging to any app.

Introducing the TigerConnect SDK for Secure SMS Messaging

The TigerConnect SDK for secure SMS messaging from TigerText – one of the world´s leading providers of secure messaging solutions – is a simple, reliable and scalable platform that enables software developers to build and integrate a secure SMS messaging solution into any application.

In addition to the API, developers can leverage the SDK for secure SMS messaging and existing demo projects to save on development time. This means that organizations with unique demands – and developers who have to satisfy those demands – no longer need to invest so much money and time to create their own secure messaging solution from scratch.

Building on the established TigerText platform, organizations and developers can maintain full control over the user interface and endpoint experience, so that users are able to send text, voice and video messages – or to share files, images and documents – with no risk of a breach of data or a security issue.

The Advantages of Secure SMS Messaging in Highly Regulated Industries

The advantages of secure SMS messaging are clearly evident in highly regulated industries. The ability to send secure SMS in the healthcare industry, for example, has resulted in a reduction in phone tag and emails of up to 80 percent. This allows medical professionals to spend more time with their patients – who receive a higher standard of care – while the healthcare organization benefits from increased productivity and remains compliant with industry security and privacy requirements.

Outside of the healthcare industry, TigerConnect´s SDK for secure SMS messaging is a valuable tool which can be used to create appropriate solutions for other highly regulated industries. Secure communications are critical in the financial services, the legal profession, government agencies, and technology and R&D companies to accelerate workflows, enhance productivity and maintain confidentiality.


  • Promote collaboration and accelerate team communications by introducing HIPAA-compliant secure SMS messaging
  • Automate the sending of vital signs, lab results, x-rays, wound images and more by connecting to and communicating with your EMR
  • Alerts can be routed securely via legacy systems such as on-call systems, answering service software and databases

Financial Services

  • SOX-compliant SMS messaging can be integrated into existing trading apps
  • Clients can use custom-branded secure messaging apps to communicate with advisers, traders and managers
  • Clients can also use the apps to be informed securely of suspicious activity on their accounts or to remind them of upcoming financial events

Legal Services

  • Secure SMS provides a channel of private communication between attorneys or between attorneys and their clients
  • The SMS messaging solution can be used to send and receive evidence, photos, videos and legal documentation to comply with CJIS regulations
  • Confirmation that messages have been sent, delivered and read is automatic due to delivery notifications and read receipts


  • In technology companies, secure SMS enables colleagues to collaborate securely on new products and features
  • Acquisition or financing activities can be discussed securely with VCs by implementing a secure messaging solution
  • The SDK for secure SMS messaging can be used to customize apps so that alerts are set up for bug tracking, service interruptions and other triggers

Research & Development

  • With an in-house developed messaging solution, research and development companies can share intellectual property securely
  • As mentioned previously, secure SMS messaging fosters a collaborative environment within design teams to securely accelerate development
  • SMS communications are protected when doing business via a text messaging service with foreign manufacturers or organizations.

Secure Messaging SDK for Android, iOS and Windows

In practically every industry that implements a BYOD policy, organizations are faced with the issue of protecting confidential data without obstructing the flow of communication. Because of this challenge, it is vital that IT leaders have safeguards in place to enable the secure communication of data across multiple devices and platforms without risking the integrity of the data.

TigerConnect SDK for secure SMS messaging allows developers to integrate a secure SMS solution within any native app. Once integrated, the SDK for secure SMS messaging simplifies software development by managing the connection to the TigerConnect platform, keeping the app synchronized with the backend infrastructure and ensuring the integrity of data and communications.

The secure messaging SDK for Android, iOS and Windows has a quick start guide to accelerate the development of secure SMS messaging solutions. The quick start guide demonstrates how to download, install and activate the SDK for secure SMS messaging before illustrating the processes of authenticating users, accessing the most recent conversations and sending messages.

Build You Own Secure SMS Messaging Solution with TigerConnect

TigerConnect has already been used to develop secure messaging solutions that have been integrated into third-party products such as the scheduling service provider AMiON, the anonymous social and secret-sharing app Whisper and the widely used EMR platform PointClickCare.

If you are a developer looking to build a secure SMS messaging solution to integrate into existing apps and services, you can access the TigerConnect SDK for secure SMS messaging for free to gain access to the tools, documentation and code libraries you need to build and integrate your own secure SMS messaging solution.