Secure Business Messaging Solutions

Solutions for Secure Business Text Messaging

The evolution of secure business messaging solutions can be attributed to three significant developments in the way we communicate – changing work practices, the increased use of personal mobile devices in the workplace and regulations introduced to protect the privacy of those whose details we exchange.

There are many solutions for secure business text messaging, but determining which is the most appropriate for a business or organization can result in confusion if one vendor pitches the benefits of their particular solution against the advantages of another.

Consequently, in order to clear any confusion, we have produced a white paper “The Top 10 Considerations when Selecting a Secure Text Messaging Solution” – which provides advice about the questions you should be asking vendors of secure business messaging solutions to ensure their service meets the technical and functional requirements demanded by legislation in your industry.

The Top 10 Considerations when Selecting a Secure Text Messaging Solution

Although our white paper focuses on the healthcare and health insurance industries, the topics covered in “The Top 10 Considerations when Selecting a Secure Text Messaging Solution” are relevant for most industries in which the protection of sensitive or personal information is of paramount importance.

The document explains what technical measures should be implemented to ensure that confidential information remains secure during transit and at-rest, that messages are delivered to their intended recipients, and so that system administrators can audit access to the secure text messaging solution. The white paper also elaborates on the functional requirements that many businesses will find necessary in order to comply with industry regulations, and which may prove beneficial to increasing efficiency and reducing costs.

These functions (and their benefits) include:

  • Ease of Use – End users must find solutions for secure business text messaging simple to understand, or they may revert from secure messaging best practices to a process they are more familiar with – risking a breach of confidential information.
  • Delivery/Read Confirmations – With the functionality of delivery and read confirmations, secure business messaging solutions eliminate phone tag and the need for employees to make follow-up calls to ensure messages have been received.
  • Messages Lifespans – If a secure text messaging solution has the function of setting message lifespans, the risk of a breach is reduced further. Messages which are deleted automatically protect the information contained within them if a mobile device is stolen or lost.
  • Message Recalls – The message recall function enables system administrators to retract communications even before they have been read if they contain data which needs to be corrected or updated. This function cannot be achieved with SMS messages.
  • Corporate Directory Integration – The benefits of corporate directory integration is that end-users can tap in a name rather than a number to ensure that their messages are communicated to the right recipient, and also that an end-user can be deleted from the directory when their association with the business or organization has ended.
  • Platform Extensibility – We mentioned at the beginning of this article that work practices, mobile device usage and industry regulations are constantly evolving. Solutions for secure business text messaging should be capable of evolving with these changes, and this is one of the most important considerations when selecting a secure text messaging solution.

Evaluating Vendors of Secure Business Messaging Solutions

However, the most important consideration when evaluating secure business messaging solutions is the vendor. Our white paper supplies a list of questions you should be asking vendors of solutions for secure business text messaging to make sure that their product does actually provide a viable and cost-effective solution for your business needs – now and in the future.

Once it has been established that the secure text messaging solution is appropriate, we recommend asking potential vendors about their plans for future product development, the versatility of their current product to cope with future changes and their “technology vision”. Vendors should be able to provide details of how their customers have benefitted from the implementation of their solutions, and provide references on request.

Speak with TigerText about Solutions for Secure Business Text Messaging

TigerText is the leading provider of secure business messaging solutions, and to date has helped more than 5,000 facilities overcome the challenges of complying with industry privacy regulations in an ever-evolving workplace.

We invite you to download and read our “The Top 10 Considerations when Selecting a Secure Text Messaging Solution” and then contact us to arrange a free demo of how TigerText can meet the security requirements for your particular industry. We will be happy to provide you with answers which are relevant to your particular situation and guide you to our case studies, which show how the implementation of TigerText solutions for secure business text messaging has improved efficiency within a number of high-profile businesses while enabling the organizations to remain in compliance with their industry regulations.