Secure Business Messaging

Secure Messaging for Businesses

In industries where legislation exists to protect the security of personal information and confidential data secure business messaging is a necessary practice. The financial, insurance and healthcare industries each have their own privacy and security regulations to comply with; and a service that provides secure messaging for businesses overcomes many of the barriers to communication that exists in organizations that are compelled to adhere to such legislation.

Privacy and security legislation has gone through various changes due to the increased use of mobile devices at work (Smart phones, tablets, laptops etc) and because of changes in working practices – especially in the healthcare industry; where more medical professionals are using their mobile devices to access information about their patients during home visits and consultations. Secure messaging services for business allow employees in regulated industries – such as medical professionals – to access and transmit personal and confidential information without risking a breach of industry regulations.

How Secure Messaging for Business Works

Secure messaging for businesses works by keeping personal information and confidential data on a secure server in an encrypted format. Administrative and end-user controls ensure that the data is kept secure – both in transit and at rest – with safeguards in place to prevent unauthorized access when confidential data is transmitted in an area of publicly accessible Wi-Fi or over an open cell phone network, and to delete communications that are sent to a mobile device which is subsequently stolen or lost.

In the secure communication process, a text message is sent to the secure server where it is encrypted and a link to the message dispatched to the recipient. The recipient then accesses the message by following the link, then identifying themselves with a unique username and password before they can read the message, send replies, and download or upload attachments. Secure messaging services for business have the facility to communicate confidential data to multiple parties simultaneously across different platforms so that workflows are enhanced without security concerns.

Why Secure Business Messaging Policies are Essential

Secure messaging services for business have been deliberately designed so that end-users will adapt to using them quickly and in order that administrators can maintain control over access to the secure server. However, it is still essential that secure business messaging policies are developed and implemented in order that authorized users know under what circumstances they should use the service, and what they should do if their mobile devices are stolen, lost or otherwise disposed of.

The Advantages of Secure Messaging for Businesses

Preparing policies to guide staff on the procedures for secure business messaging may appear unnecessary in small-business scenarios, but the penalties for failing to adhere to industry legislation can be significant should a breach of confidential data occur. Furthermore, there are also substantial advantages to embracing secure messaging for businesses in terms of cost savings and increased efficiency in the workplace. Staff efficiency can be increased by secure business messaging in a number of workplace scenarios:

  • Delivery receipts eliminate the necessity to follow-up text messages with a phone call to ensure the message has been received
  • Simultaneous collaboration between multiple parties enables decisions to be made quicker and enhances client service in addition to saving time and money
  • Secure messaging for businesses can be integrated within existing directories to eliminate the need to search for phone numbers and enable the streamlining of administrative processes

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