Secure Instant Messaging Solution

TigerConnect Adds Secure Instant Messaging Capabilities to Your App

With the widespread introduction of BYOD policies in the workplace, it is little wonder that organizations in highly regulated industries take great pains to select the most appropriate secure instant messaging solution.

Although BYOD policies have had a positive effect on the flow of communication, solutions for secure instant text messaging are needed to avoid damaging data breaches and to comply with industry standards for privacy and security.

There are many off-the-shelf solutions for secure instant text messaging, but not all are entirely appropriate for an organization´s needs. The alternative is to invest significant resources to build a secure instant messaging solution from scratch. Or is it?

Introducing TigerConnect Solutions for secure instant text messaging

TigerConnect is a simple, reliable and scalable secure instant messaging SDK that offers robust messaging capabilities that can be integrated into any app. With TigerConnect, developers can seamlessly develop and integrate a secure instant messaging solution with minimal time and investment.

The TigerConnect “platform-as-a-service” provides a scalable infrastructure, from which developers can leverage HTTP, SMTP and WCTP protocols to provide the widest range of connectivity. Building on the TigerConnect platform, organizations maintain control over the flow of communication, while users can send secure instant text, voice and video messages with no risk of data leakage or compliance issues.

A Secure Instant Messaging Solution for Android

TigerConnect´s secure instant messaging solution for Android comes ready-to-use – with a quick start guide for downloading, installing and activating the SDK. All the tools, documentation, and code libraries developers need are included to remotely create and delete user accounts from a mobile device, manage user accounts, and retrieve conversations.

Once integrated, the TigerConnect platform manages the connection to the secure instant messaging app, keeps the app synchronized with the backend infrastructure, and ensures end-to-end security of communications. Developers should be able to integrate and send a secure message via TigerConnect in under five minutes.

A Secure Instant Messaging Solution for iPhone iOS and Windows Devices

As with the secure instant messaging solution for Android, the secure instant messaging solution for iPhone iOS and Windows devices has easy-to-follow steps for authenticating user IDs, sending secure messages and retrieving the most recent conversations.

TigerConnect´s secure instant messaging solution for iPhone iOS includes app extension support, a message attachment preview function, and group message status tracking. No other iPhone iOS secure instant messaging solution provides this scale of group message tracking, and this feature is a powerful asset for system administrators responsible for monitoring compliance in large organizations.

How Organizations Can Benefit from Solutions for Secure Instant Text Messaging

The TigerConnect SDK is the driving force behind TigerText – one of the largest providers of secure instant messaging solutions in the world. Four of the top five largest for-profit health systems use TigerText to send HIPAA-compliant messages and to ensure the security of patient data. TigerText is runs secure communications systems in more than 5,000 medical facilities, and every month 150 million secure instant messages are processed through TigerText´s servers.

TigerText´s solutions for secure instant text messaging have accelerated the flow of communications in the healthcare industry, streamlined workflows and increased productivity – saving money for healthcare organizations and providing patients with a higher standard of healthcare. Solutions for secure instant text messaging can be equally as effective in other highly regulated industries, or within specific units of an organization where privacy and confidentiality are of vital importance:

Legal Services

  • In the legal services industry, solutions for secure instant text messaging can be used to exchange evidence, photos, videos and legal documentation in compliance with CJIS regulations
  • Solutions for secure instant text messaging can also be used to establish a private channel of communication between attorneys and their clients
  • Delivery notifications and read receipts automatically generated by the TigerConnect platform confirm that messages and their attachments have been sent, delivered and read

Financial Services

  • In the financial services industry, SOX-compliant secure instant messaging capabilities can be integrated into existing trading apps
  • Custom-branded messaging apps can be developed to create private channels of communication between financial institutions and their clients
  • Instant messaging apps can provide value-added services such as reminders of important upcoming financial events or alerts if suspicious activity occurs on their account


  • A secure instant messaging solution would enable collaborators in the technology industry to confidentially discuss new product features
  • A secure communications channel can also be set up to report service interruptions, bug tracking alerts, and other important triggers
  • Confidential acquisition or financing activities can be discussed securely with VCs using solutions for secure instant text messaging

Research & Development

  • In R&D, solutions for secure instant text messaging enable colleagues to confidentially share IP such as new product designs
  • Solutions for secure instant text messaging foster a collaborative environment, resulting in the acceleration of development
  • Business communications with foreign manufacturers, suppliers and purchasers are guaranteed to be confidential with a secure instant messaging solution

Human Resources

  • Many major organizations have a dedicated HR department, in which the need for privacy and the security of personnel information is of the highest importance.
  • Secure instant messaging apps can facilitate private salary negotiations or alert candidates about new employment opportunities privately.
  • Employment contracts and other documents can be sent privately with secure instant messaging without any risk of the contents becoming public knowledge.

Register for TigerConnect for Free

If you are a software developer or a compliance officer who would like to find out more about TigerConnect, registration and access to the SDK is free.

All that is needed to register for your TigerConnect account is your work email address. Click “Start Building” and within a few minutes you will receive a password to access the TigerConnect SDK and the code libraries you need to develop a secure instant messaging solution that will add secure instant message capabilities to any application.

The TigerConnect platform already provides a secure instant messaging solution for the anonymous social and secret-sharing app Whisper, the scheduling service provider AMiON, and the widely used EMR platform PointClickCare. If you are a software developer or compliance office looking for solutions for secure instant text messaging, you are invited to register for TigerConnect – for free.