Secure Messaging Platform

Add Message Security to Your App with TigerConnect

TigerConnect is a secure messaging platform from TigerText – one of the leading providers of enterprise grade secure messaging solutions in the world. TigerConnect enables software developers to build and integrate secure messaging capabilities into any application, or leverage TigerText´s own SDK and existing demo projects to reduce the time needed to build a secure messaging app from scratch.

As BYOD policies are being implemented with increasing frequency, software developers in highly regulated industries are faced with the dilemma of ensuring message security without impeding the flow of communication. TigerConnect offers a solution for IT leaders when off-the-shelf software fails to meet an organization´s requirements, by providing a simple, reliable and scalable secure messaging platform that makes secure communication possible across multiple devices and operating systems.

Without the need to invest significant resources, software developers can build onto the existing TigerConnect messaging texting platform to add message security to any application. End-users can send and receive secure text, voice and video messages – and share files securely – while organizations maintain full control over the user experience and the integrity of confidential information.

A Secure Messaging Platform for iPhone iOS

TigerConnect´s secure messaging platform for iPhone iOS includes an API to support app extension, a message attachment preview function and group message status details. No other secure messaging platform provides this level of status tracking for group conversations, and this feature is quickly becoming one of the most powerful assets for our users.

The secure messaging platform for iPhone iOS has the documentation, tools and code libraries software developers need for development, including the remote creation and deletion of user accounts from a mobile device, the management of user accounts and the retrieval of conversations. These are all important features system administrators need for monitoring compliance with industry security and privacy standards.

A Secure Messaging Platform for Android

TigerConnect´s secure messaging platform for Android enables software developers to build message security into any Android app. Once integrated, the TigerConnect SDK makes development of the app simple by managing the connection to the platform, keeping the app synchronized with the backend infrastructure, and ensuring end-to-end security of communications.

As with the secure messaging platform for iPhone iOS, the secure messaging platform for Android comes with a quick start guide to accelerate the development of a bespoke API for secure texting. Using an existing demo app, the quick start guide explains how to download, install and activate the SDK, and then how to authenticate user ID, send secure messages and retrieve the most recent conversations. A similar quick start facility is available for software developers seeking secure messaging solutions for Windows mobile devices.

TigerConnect in Action

TigerConnect´s platform for secure messaging has already been used to create secure messaging solutions for the healthcare-information systems company PointClickCare, the anonymous social and secret-sharing app Whisper, and the scheduling service provider AMiON. Other industries in which the features of TigerConnect can be leveraged to create secure messaging solutions include:

Financial Services

Software developers working in the highly regulated financial services industry can integrate SOX-compliant texting capabilities into existing trading apps or build on TigerConnect´s secure messaging platform to create customized secure messaging apps that can be used to advise clients of important financial events or alert them to suspicious activity on their accounts.


In an industry where the integrity of communications can be of vital importance, software developers can use the TigerConnect platform to create apps that will foster secure collaboration around new products and features. Discussions related to acquisitions and financing activities can also be kept confidential with secure messaging solutions developed using the TigerConnect platform.

Legal Services

In the legal services industry, TigerConnect´s existing platform can be extended to create secure messaging solutions for attorneys and clients. Such solutions can be utilized for sending and receiving confidential legal documents or securely sharing evidence, while the platform´s reporting facility confirms that secure messages and their attachments are sent, received or read.

Research & Development

Similarly, software developers working for research and development organizations can extend TigerConnect´s secure messaging platform to securely share IP such as new product designs and markets. Design teams can collaborate safely to accelerate development with secure messaging, while  secure messaging solutions can be developed to ensure the integrity of conversations with foreign manufacturers or purchasers.

Human Resources

The benefits of TigerConnect´s platform in HR are extensive. Secure messaging solutions can be used to negotiate salaries in private or alert candidates about new employment opportunities. Secure messaging solutions can also be used to safeguard personal employee information that could be exploited in the event of a data breach – such as names, social security numbers and dates of birth.


TigerText provides secure messaging solutions for four of the top five largest for-profit health systems in the country, and is implemented in more than 5,000 medical facilities, and more than 150 million secure messages are processed by our secure servers every month. The TigerConnect platform for secure messaging has also been used to automatically route alerts via legacy on-call and answering systems, and to connect with EMRs in order to securely communicate scans, lab results, patient wound images and more.

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Not only is TigerConnect a vehicle through which software developers can build and integrate secure messaging capabilities into any application, but it is also free. If you are a software developer, the registration process to access TigerConnect´s secure messaging platform will take less than a minute of your time.

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