Secure Text Messaging Solution

Add Secure Texting Capabilities to Your App with TigerConnect

As the implementation of BYOD policies becomes more widespread, it is essential that organizations in highly regulated industries acquire a secure text message solution in order to maintain confidentiality, avoid data breaches, and to comply with industry regulations for security and privacy.

There are many vendors of messaging systems who can offer a choice of off-the-shelf products; but not all of these potential solutions will be appropriate for an organization´s needs. To establish which the most suitable secure text messaging solution is can be a time-consuming and laborious task – not necessarily with a positive outcome at the end of it.

The alternative is for organizations to develop their own secure text messaging solution from scratch. Although this will resolve the issue of finding an appropriate solution, it is also resource intensive. Building, testing and maintaining a custom, message framework requires a significant investment of time and money. Now there is a third option – TigerConnect.

A Brief Introduction to TigerConnect

TigerConnect is a simple, reliable and scalable “platform-as-a-service” that enables software developers to build and integrate a secure text messaging solution into any application – leveraging HTTP, SMTP and WCTP protocols to provide the widest range of connectivity

Software developers can take advantage of the TigerConnect SDK, API and demo projects to save on development time – meaning that organizations no longer have to dedicate a significant investment of time and money to create a solution to meet their unique demands.

Building on the platform, organizations and software developers can maintain full control over the integrity of confidential data without hindering the flow of communication, while users can send secure text, voice and video messages – or share files with colleagues – with no risk of data leakage or compliance issues.

A Secure Text Messaging Solution for Android

TigerConnect comes ready-to-use with a quick start guide for downloading, installing and activating the SDK. Also included are all the tools, documentation, and code libraries software developers need to build a secure text messaging solution for Android that will allow the remote creation and deletion of user accounts, the management of user accounts, and the retrieval of conversations.

Once integrated, the TigerConnect platform manages the connection to secure texting apps, keeps the apps synchronized with the backend infrastructure, and ensures end-to-end security of communications. We believe that experienced software developers be able to send a secure text message via TigerConnect in less than five minutes.

A Secure Text Messaging Solution for iPhone iOS and Windows Devices

As with the solution for Android, the TigerConnect SDK is easy to download, install and activate when software developers want to create a secure text messaging solution for iPhone iOS and Windows devices. Further easy-to-follow steps exist for authenticating user IDs, sending secure text messages and retrieving the most recent conversations.

TigerConnect includes app extension support, a message attachment preview function, and group message status tracking. No other secure text messaging solution provides this scale of group message tracking, and this feature is a powerful asset for larger organizations looking for a secure text messaging solution for iPhone iOS, Windows and Android.

How Secure Texting Apps Benefit Organizations

The TigerConnect SDK is the same as is used in TigerText – one of the largest providers of secure texting apps in the world. Four of the top five largest for-profit health systems use TigerText secure texting apps to send HIPAA-compliant messages, and more than 5,000 other medical facilities use TigerText as a secure text messaging solution.

TigerText´s secure texting apps have accelerated the flow of communications in the healthcare industry, have been responsible for streamlining workflows and increasing productivity – resulting in substantial savings for healthcare organizations and a higher standard of healthcare for patients.

Secure texting apps can be equally as effective in other highly regulated industries, or within specific units of an organization where confidentiality and privacy are essential:

Legal Services

  • In the legal services industry, secure texting apps can be used to share evidence, photos, videos and legal documentation in compliance with CJIS regulations
  • Secure texting apps can also be developed to establish a private channel of communication between attorneys and their clients
  • The TigerConnect platform automatically generates delivery notifications and read receipts to confirm that messages have been sent, delivered and read

Financial Services

  • In the financial services industry, SOX-compliant texting capabilities can be integrated into existing trading apps
  • Custom-branded secure texting apps can be developed to create a private channel of communication between a financial institution and its client
  • Secure texting apps can provide value-added services such as alerts of suspicious activity or reminders of upcoming financial events


  • Secure texting apps enable collaborators in the technology industry to confidentially discuss new product features
  • The secure text messaging solution can also be customized to report service interruptions, bug tracking alerts, and other important triggers
  • Confidential acquisition or financing activities can be discussed securely with VCs using secure texting apps developed on the TigerConnect platform

Research & Development

  • In R&D, secure texting apps enable colleagues to confidentially share IP such as new product designs
  • A secure text messaging solution will foster a collaborative environment, resulting in the acceleration of development
  • Business communications with foreign manufacturers, suppliers and purchasers are guaranteed to be confidential when conducted over secure texting apps

Human Resources

  • Many major organizations have a dedicated HR department, in which the need for confidentiality and privacy is essential
  • Secure texting apps can facilitate private salary negotiations or alert candidates privately to new employment opportunities
  • Employment contracts and confidential documents can be attached to secure texts so that the contents of the attachments remain confidential

Try TigerConnect Today for Free

We mentioned above that experienced software developers be able to send a secure text message via TigerConnect in less than five minutes, and it takes even less time to register for a TigerConnect account and gain access to the TigerConnect SDK for free.

Enter your work email address and click “Start Building.” Within a few minutes you will receive your password to access the TigerConnect SDK and the documentation you need to develop a secure text messaging solution that will add secure text message capabilities to any application.