Secure Texting API

Add Secure Messaging to Apps with TigerConnect´s Secure Texting API

TigerConnect, TigerText´s secure texting API, is a simple, reliable and scalable secure messaging SDK that enables software developers to build and integrate secure messaging capabilities into any application.

The API for secure messaging allows developers to leverage TigerText´s SDK and demo projects to reduce development time. Companies and individual developers no longer need to dedicate significant resources to build out a full stack, secure messaging infrastructure from scratch.

Building on the TigerConnect platform, enterprises can maintain full control over the user interface and customer experience, while enabling users to send secure texts, voice and video messages, and to also share files securely.

Benefits of Integrating with TigerConnect

TigerConnect’s API for secure messaging can help developers find solutions for keeping communications secure. TigerConnect is applicable for highly regulated industries such as healthcare, financial services, legal and government agencies, where secure communications are critical.

The following are just a few examples of how developers can integrate TigerConnect into their applications to benefit from secure messaging:


  • Speed up team communications by introducing HIPAA-compliant secure messaging
  • Connect and communicate with your EMR and automate sending vital signs, lab results, images and more
  • Securely route alerts via legacy systems like answering service software, nurse on-call systems and databases

Financial Services

  • Integrate SOX-compliant messaging into an existing trading app
  • Build a custom-branded secure messaging app for banking customers
  • Inform customers instantly of suspicious activity or important financial events, such as tax return filing, bill payment and loan approvals

Legal Services

  • Create a secure communication channel for attorneys and clients
  • Securely share evidence photos, videos and documentation
  • Use reporting to confirm messages are sent, delivered and read

Research & Development

  • Securely share IP such as new product designs or new markets
  • Collaborate safely with design teams to speed up development
  • Protect communications when doing business with foreign manufacturers

Human Resources

  • Protect confidential conversations and personal info like social security numbers
  • Negotiate salaries in private and securely attach employment contracts
  • Enable recruiters to alert candidates privately about new opportunities


  • Securely collaborate around new product features
  • Safely discuss acquisition or financing activities with VCs
  • Set up secure alerts for bug tracking, service interruptions and other triggers

Secure Texting API for Android

In all of the above industries, Bring-Your-Own Device policies are supported, which means IT leaders are faced with the challenge of protecting sensitive data without obstructing the flow of communication. BYOD policies mean that it is vital organizations implement safeguards to enable secure communications across multiple devices and platforms.

TigerConnect´s SDK and secure texting API for Android allows developers to integrate secure messaging within a native Android app. Once integrated, the TigerConnect SDK simplifies mobile development by managing the connection to the TigerConnect platform, keeping the app synchronized with the backend infrastructure and ensuring end-to-end security of messages and attachments.

Secure Texting API for iPhone IOS

The secure texting API for iPhone iOS allows for the remote creation and deletion of user accounts from a mobile device, the management of accounts and the retrieval of conversations – important functions for system administrators monitoring compliance with industry standards.

Included in the latest secure texting API for iPhone iOS is app extension support, a message attachment preview function and group message status details. No other secure messaging app provides this level of status tracking for group conversations, quickly becoming one of the most powerful features for our users.

As with the secure texting API for Android devices, the TigerConnect iOS SDK comes with a quick start guide to accelerate the integration of the API for secure messaging. Our demo app demonstrates how to authenticate, retrieve the most recent conversations, how to send a message and logout, as well as adding the necessary frameworks.

Check Out the TigerConnect API for Secure Messaging

TigerConnect´s open API has allowed our secure messaging to solution to be integrated into third-party products such as the anonymous social and secret-sharing app Whisper, the widely used EMR platform PointClickCare and the scheduling service provider AMiON.

If you are a developer looking to integrate secure messaging into your own apps and services, you can check out the TigerConnect API for secure messaging for free.