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Add Secure Texting to Apps with TigerConnect

With potential data breaches a constant source of concern for industries that promote BYOD policies, it is no wonder organizations are looking for a secure texting solution in order to protect confidential information and to comply with privacy and security regulations.

Not all off-the-shelf solutions are appropriate for an organization´s needs; but the alternative of building a solution for secure texting from scratch, testing it and maintaining it on a custom, messaging framework requires a significant investment of time and money. Or at least it did until now.

Introducing TigerConnect – The Solution for Secure Texting

TigerConnect is a simple and reliable SDK from TigerText – a leading provider of secure real-time messaging solutions. The TigerConnect “platform-as-a-service” offers a scalable infrastructure, with step-by-step documentation and cross-platform APIs and SDKs. To provide the widest range of connectivity, developers can leverage HTTP, SMTP and WCTP protocols.

The TigerConnect SDK and demo projects reduce the development time of a solution for secure texting. Building on the TigerConnect platform, organizations can maintain full control over the user interface and customer experience, while enabling users to send secure text, voice and video messages – and also share files across different applications – with no risk of data leakage or security issues.

A Secure Texting Solution for iPhone iOS

TigerConnect´s secure texting solution for iPhone iOS includes an API to support app extension, a message attachment preview function, and a group message status tracking function. No other solution for secure texting provides this level of tracking for group conversations, and this function is becoming one of the most powerful assets for users of the platform.

The secure texting solution for iPhone iOS includes the tools, the documentation, and the code libraries required to remotely create and delete user accounts from a mobile device, to manage user accounts and to retrieve conversations. These are vital utilities for system administrators charged with monitoring activity across the platform to ensure compliance with industry security and privacy regulations.

A Secure Texting Solution for Android

TigerConnect´s secure texting solution for Android enables software developers to build message security into any Android app. Once integrated, the TigerConnect platform manages the connection to the app, keeping the app synchronized with the backend infrastructure, and ensuring end-to-end security of communications.

As with the secure texting solution for iPhone iOS, the secure texting solution for Android comes with a quick start guide that explains how to download, install and activate the SDK, and then how to authenticate user IDs, send secure messages and retrieve the most recent conversations. Existing demo apps accelerate the process of developing a secure texting solution for Android and for iPhone iOS.

How Multiple Industries Can Benefit from a Solution for Secure Texting

TigerText has been a leading provider of secure real-time messaging solutions in the healthcare industry for a number of years. Using the same TigerConnect SDK, TigerText has provided a solution for secure texting to four of the top five largest for-profit health systems in the country. TigerText´s secure texting solution ensures the integrity of communications in more than 5,000 medical facilities, and in excess of 150 million HIPAA-compliant text messages are processed by TigerText´s secure servers every month.

Beyond the healthcare industry, TigerConnect is an appropriate solution for secure texting in other highly regulated industries in which the integrity of communications is critical. Financial services, the legal profession and government agencies can all benefit from a secure texting solution, while messaging solutions can also be used to maintain confidentiality in HR, R&D and the technology sector. Here are just a few examples of how:

Financial Services

  • SOX-compliant secure text messaging can be integrated into existing trading apps
  • Custom-branded secure text messaging apps can be developed to provide added-value for banking customers
  • The apps can be used to inform customers of important upcoming financial events or alert them to suspicious activity on their accounts

Legal Services

  • Secure text messaging apps can be developed to create private communication channels between attorneys and their clients
  • The solution for secure texting can be used to share evidence, photos, videos and legal documentation and to comply with CJIS privacy and security regulations
  • Automatically generated delivery notifications and read receipts, confirm that text messages and their attachments have been sent, delivered and read – securely

Human Resources

  • A secure texting solution can be used to protect confidential conversations and personal information such as names, dates of birth and social security numbers
  • Secure text messaging apps can be created so that salary negotiations can be conducted in private or so that employment contracts can be attached securely
  • The apps would also enable recruitment managers to alert candidates privately about new opportunities

Research & Development

  • A solution for secure texting would allow colleagues to share IP such as new product designs or new markets securely
  • A collaborative environment could be fostered with a secure texting solution so that design teams can securely accelerate development
  • Text communications would be assured of confidentiality when doing business with foreign manufacturers or organizations


  • A secure texting solution would enable colleagues to confidentially collaborate around new product features
  • Acquisition or financing activities can be securely discussed with VCs using a solution for secure texting
  • The secure texting solution can be customized to set up bug tracking alerts, service interruptions and other important triggers

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The TigerConnect platform has already been used to develop secure texting solutions for third-party products such as the anonymous social and secret-sharing app Whisper, the widely used EMR platform PointClickCare and the scheduling service provider AMiON.

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