Join the Communication Revolution in Healthcare

Most forms of healthcare communications – pagers, faxes, voicemail – are stuck in the last century, creating a drag on systems, slowing patient care, and driving up costs.

Using TigerConnect, the developer platform from TigerText, makes it easy for hospitals and healthcare websites to embed secure, HIPAA-compliant, bot-enabled messaging into nearly any website or smartphone app.

With healthcare costs expected to rise a staggering 5.8% every year over the next decade, the industry is in dire need of solutions that can help lower costs and drive efficiencies. By integrating secure messaging into your EHR, teams can avoid communication delays that plague care coordination and lower patient satisfaction.

Companies can leverage TigerConnect messaging APIs to streamline workflows, improve care coordination and create better patient experience. Integrating secure messaging with your EHR allows caregivers to:

  • Reduce patient wait times
  • Improve discharge process
  • Drive down costs.

About TigerConnect

TigerConnect, the developer platform from TigerText, makes it easy for developers to embed HIPAA-compliant, ephemeral-based messaging into any mobile or web app. With TigerConnect, companies can leverage the same scalable infrastructure that powers TigerText’s 10 billion messages with 99.9% availability without the cost or hassle of building it from scratch. Current TigerConnect partners include Toronto-based EMR PointClickCare, Nuance, Salesforce, and Box.